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History’s Most Insane Rulers, Part 5: Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II of Bavaria was a dreamer, above all. The king famously built fairy-tale style castles that adorned the Alps but were completely useless for defensive or social reasons (the king held large balls there where he was the only attendee and dined alone,...

History’s Most Insane Rulers, Part 4: George III

Americans might have been tempted to schadenfreude after learning the fate of British King George III. The villain of the American Revolution spent the final years of his life insane, having long arguments with imaginary figures who had died long ago (and often losing...

These Are History’s Nine Most Insane Rulers

Few mixtures are as toxic as absolute power and insanity. When nothing stands between a leader’s delusional whims and seeing them carried out, all sorts of bizarre outcomes are possible. This is the beginning of a series launch in tandem with Scott’s new...
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