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The Saxon Herald


The Saxon Herald 1066: End

Written and produced by Greg Wheeler & Heather Wheeler 1997 G Wheeler, H Wheeler   Thank you for reading!


The Saxon Herald 1066: Late October

William Conquers England!   After his victory at Hastings, William marched to Dover and seized the treasury. He then marched to London and took the City.   The Saxon Herald will keep you informed... click here to see what happens next


The Saxon Herald 1066: October 14th

The battle began at 7am and lasted all day. William's first attack was stopped by Harold's shield wall. William made several more attacks but couldn't break the shield wall. In the afternoon, one of the Saxons thought he heard the Normans shouting that William was dead. The Saxons, confident that…


The Saxon Herald 1066: October 13th

England Worried! Harold Godwineson and the English army of 3,000 men have marched south and are positioned at the top of Senlac Hill. They have formed a 1,000m wall of shields. William's army of 3,000 knights and 5,000 foot soldiers are at the bottom of the hill. Whoever wins the…


The Saxon Herald 1066: September 28th

William, Duke of Normandy, has landed at Pevensey and is marching inland. A messenger has been sent North to inform the King.   The Saxon Herald will keep you informed... click here to read about the next event


The Saxon Herald 1066: September 25th

Victory at Stamford Bridge!   Harold Godwineson surprised Harald Hardrada just outside York. Both Hardrada and Tostig were killed during the battle. "The English army fought long and hard but are now weak and tired." Godwineson commented after the battle.   The Saxon Herald will keep you informed... click here…


The Saxon Herald 1066: September 21st

Harold Seeks Revenge! Our King, Harold Godwineson, has left the south and is marching north. "I'm seeking revenge on Harald Hardrada. He's killed two of our best captains. I will not sit back and let that happen." Harold told a Herald reporter. However, Harold's departure for the north has left…


The Saxon Herald 1066: September 20th

English Army Defeated at Fulford Harald Hardrada, King of Norway, together with the Orkney Vikings and Harold Godwineson's brother, Tostig, have invaded the North of England. Although an English army led by Earl Edwin of Mercia and Earl Morcar of Northumbria fought bravely, they were defeated.   The Saxon Herald…


The Saxon Herald 1066: January 10th

Huge crowds for King's funeral! Huge crowds stood silently outside Westminster Abbey to see the King's coffin. The coffin was followed by his wife, Edith and other relatives and important people. Edward will be the first king to be buried in the new Abbey.   The Saxon Herald will keep…

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