Adolf Hitler

Articles on Adolph HItler’s ideology, religious beliefs, and principle life events made him the most notorious figure of the 20th century

Was Hitler Jewish?

For someone so obsessed with “ethnic cleansing” and ancestry, Hitler was quite vague about his own descent. A lot of rumours have been doing the rounds that this was because Hitler might have been related to the very people he despised and persecuted, but...

Where was Adolf Hitler Born?

Interestingly enough, Adolf Hitler was not born in Germany, but in a small village in Austria, Braunau am Inn. The building where he was born has been used as a workshop, school, library, home for the disabled and a bank through the years, but as of 2014 there are...
Adolf Hitler – Historical People

Adolf Hitler – Historical People

Famous for being fascist Dictator of Germany Born – 20th April 1889, Braunau am Inn, Austria Parents – Alois Hitler, Klara Hitler Siblings – Edmund, Paula Married – Eva Braun Children – None Died – 30th April 1945, Berlin, Germany...
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