1. Scholars divide Assyrian history into the Old Kingdom, the Middle Empire and the Neo-Assyrian Empire.
2. Historically, the Assyrians spoke Aramaic before they switched over to Akkadian
3. Scholars date the founding of Ashur to 3000 B.C.
4. Early kings worshipped the god Ashur and were nomads
5. Ashur grew prosperous due to war
6. Merchant families established trade connections in Kanesh
7. Steel from Anatolia allowed the Assyrians to develop iron working to perfection
8. Shamshi-Adad I drove out the Amorites and united the Assyrian cities of Arbel, Nineveh, Ashur and Arrapkha.
9. Ashur's trade network with Anatolia gave them power and wealth
10. Hammurabi took the Babylonian throne after King Shamshi-Adad's death

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