1. The English have been involved in Ireland since the twelfth century
2. James I started the Ulster Plantation in the 1600s.
3. William III lost the Battle of the Boyne in 1750.
4. The Penal Laws discriminated against Catholics.
5. The English sent food to help the starving during the Potato Famine.
6. Charles Stewart Parnell was against Home Rule.
7. The Easter Rising happened in 1916.
8. The introduction of Partition led to Civil War
9. The Republic of Ireland was created in 1968.
10. The Civil Rights Association campaigned against anti-Catholic discrimination.
11. The Battle of Bogside led to the creation of 'no-go' areas.
12. Internment was introduced to allow imprisonment without trial for IRA members.
13. The event known as Bloody Sunday happened in January 1982.
14. British paratroopers opened fire and killed 14 on Bloody Sunday.
15. Direct Rule was introduced following Bloody Sunday.
16. Political prisoners protested against their status by going on hunger strike.
17. The Good Friday agreement reached a settlement.