1. Babylon reached its first height with the reign of the great King Hammurabi
2. In his first few years of his reign, King Hammurabi focused on expanding his empire
3. Hammurabi gained popularity by forgiving the people their debts
4. Hammurabi allied with the Elamites to defeat Babylon’s rival city Larsa
5. Hammurabi used to dam up a city’s water supply, withholding the water until the city surrendered.
6. People under Hammurabi's rule rebelled all the time
7. Hammurabi’s laws sought to avoid the blood feuds between people of different cultures.
8. Punishments for breaking the law mostly involved fines or imprisonment.
9. Hammurabi had his Code inscribed on a stele, an eight-foot tall diorite rock where all could see the law.
10. Hammurabi’s law included the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

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