1. Ziggurats are to Mesopotamia what the great pyramids are to ancient Egypt.
2. The Ziggurats were built to house the city's king
3.  Mesopotamian kings built ziggurats between 3000 B.C. up to around 300 B.C.
4. The top of the ziggurat was accesible to the public.
5. Ziggurats formed part of the temple complex were hundreds of people worked
6. The chambers in the ziggurat served as living quarters
7. Mesopotamians believed that if people cared for a god, he/she would inhabit the temple
8. Ziggurats were made of stone and didn't deteriorate much
9. Mesopotamia's most famous ziggurat was The Great Ziggurat at Ur
10. Saddam Hussein has restored and rebuilt parts of the Great Ziggurat at Ur

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