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Actual times taken for this activity will vary depending upon each pupil’s ability. The times given in this lesson plan are the times taken for a pupil of average ability to complete each task.

Learning Outcome: To understand the meaning of the historical term Anachronism.


Skills Developed: Chronology and historical terms; Knowledge and Understanding; Communication and Understanding.


  • Introduce topic
  • Remind pupils to read instructions carefully and to ask for help if they do not understand.
  • When ready, click on ‘Begin Lesson’.

(Duration: 6 minutes)

Part 1:

Pupils to read explanation page. This could be done as a class activity with pupils suggesting further anachronisms possibly for the time period that they are studying.

(Duration: 3 minutes)

Part 2:

Pupils to complete picture jigsaw and to try to spot the anachronisms in the picture.

(Duration: 4 minutes)

Part 3:

Pupils move on to ‘Spot the Anachronism’. There are ten hidden anachronisms in the picture.

The anachronisms are – Antenna, clock, tractor, zebra crossing, coffee flask, bicycle, crash helmet, glasses, MP3 player, earphones.

(Duration: 5 minutes)

Part 4:

To check understanding, pupils now have to complete a sentence taken from the explanation page.

(Duration: 2 minutes)

Part 5:

This can be used to go over answers as a whole class. Pupils could be allowed to play some of the history games on this site.

Further historical research could be done using the pages on this site or from the A-Z of History.

(Duration: 10 minutes)

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