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Famous for being a German noblewoman and the fourth wife of Henry VIII
Born – 22nd September 1515
Parents – John III Duke of Cleves, Mary Duchess of Julich-Berg
Siblings – Sybille, Wilhelm, Amelia
Married – Henry VIII 6th January 1540 – divorced 9th July 1540
Children – None
Died – 16th July 1557 Natural Causes

Anne was born on 22nd September 1515 the second daughter of John III Duke of Cleves and his wife Mary Duchess of Julich-Berg. Anne’s father was influenced by the work of Erasmus and the family were Protestants.


After the death of his third wife Jane, Henry was urged to make a marriage that would ally England with another Protestant country. Hans Holbein was sent to paint both Anne and her younger sister Amelia as suitable candidates. After seeing the portraits Henry chose Anne to be his fourth wife.

The 24 year old German Princess arrived in England in December 1539, However, Henry was horrified when he saw her and demanded that his ministers find him a way out of the marriage. Unfortunately for Henry they could not and the marriage went ahead in January 1540.

Henry was unable to consummate the marriage and the couple divorced amicably six months later.

Anne was well provided for and lived out her days in England in comfort. She outlived Henry and died in 1557.

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