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Check that you have understood the facts about Elizabeth’s early life by filling in the missing spaces using the words below:

six – 1547 – illegitimate – 1533 – Jane Seymour – Protestantism – Thomas Seymour – 1558 – 2 and half – imprisoned – Anne Boleyn


Elizabeth was born in ______ . Her parents were Henry VIII and ______. Her mother was beheaded when she was ______ years old and she was declared ______. Henry’s new queen ______ was kind to her but she died when Elizabeth was ______ years old. After Henry VIII’s death in ______ he was taken in by Henry’s sixth and surviving wife, Katherine Parr but had to leave because Katherine’s husband ______ was paying her too much attention.

Elizabeth’s brother Edward had changed the religion of England to ______ . After he died , Elizabeth’s sister Mary became queen. Mary was a Catholic and saw Elizabeth, a Protestant, as a threat. Elizabeth was ______.

When Mary died in ______ Elizabeth became queen of England.

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