J. Edgar Hoover’s 50-Year Career of Blackmail, Entrapment, and Taking Down Communist Spies


Did you find a lot of information for your table? Did you notice that you filled in the first column of your table from one page of information and the second column from the next page? This is because both sets of information are biased.

Take a look below at what you should have written in your table below:


Evidence that suggests Anna Anderson is Anastasia (Anna Anderson 1):

  • Anastasia’s aunt thought that she was very similar to Anastasia.
  • One of the other inmates in the asylum told her that she looked like Nicholas II’s daughter, Tatiana.
  • Anna Anderson knew what had happened to her after the executions.
  • Princess Cecilie, a relative of Anastasia believed that Anderson was Anastasia.
  • Anna Anderson acted like a mad woman because she had witnessed the execution of her family.
  • A ballerina who had been Nicholas II’s mistress before he married believed that Anna had Nicholas’s eyes.
  • Grand Duke Alexander spent two days with her and believed her to be Anastasia.
  • Gleb Botkin, son of the family doctor believed her story.
  • Anderson had knowledge about Anastasia’s uncle Ernst of Hess that only a member of the family could have known.
  • Anna Anderson understood Russian.
  • She spoke good English, French and German.
  • Anna Anderson had scars on her body that she claimed had come from the gun shots and bayonet wounds.

Evidence that suggests Anna Anderson is an imposter (Anna Anderson 2):

  • Anastasia’s aunt did not believe Anna was Anastasia although she did say that she looked similar.
  • One of the other inmates in the asylum told her that she looked like Nicholas II’s daughter, Tatiana. This may have put the idea into her head.
  • She could not remember details of her life, but did know the details of the family bank accounts. (it is highly unlikely that Anastasia would have had this information).
  • She gained support from people who thought that they could benefit from the discovery.
  • When Anderson was questioned by members of the Romanoff family she would often change the subject or break down and cry.
  • Anna Anderson made a good living out of being Anastasia, she toured Europe and attended fashion shows.
  • She is known to have read many magazines about the Russian royal family including one which told of the execution of the royal family and that Anastasia may have survived.
  • Anna Anderson’s main supporter, Gleb Botkin, was the nephew of the Doctor who had been killed with the royal family. He had a good knowledge of the Russian palace life.
  • Anastasia’s former tutor said that Anna Anderson was ‘a first rate actress’.
  • The real Anastasia’s cousin and his wife did not believe that Anna Anderson was Anastasia.
  • Anna Anderson could read Russian, English or French.
  • She had scars on her body that came from being involved in a grenade explosion.
  • At the time Anna made her claim the people of Germany were living a harsh life and were drawn to this tragic story of a princess who was thought to be dead but had now been found.
  • One of Anastasia’s aunts met Anna several times but eventually decided that she was not Anastasia.


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