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Famous for being the third wife of Henry VIII

Born – c1508 – exact date not known
Parents – John Seymour, Margery Wentworth
Siblings – John, Edward, Thomas, Elizabeth, Henry, Dorothy, Anthony, Margery
Married –  Henry VIII 30th May 1536 – died
Children – Edward VI
Died – 24th October 1538 from puerperal fever


Jane Seymour was the fourth child of John and Margery Seymour.  Jane was a quiet shy girl who was not highly educated but was a skilled needlewoman. She had become a lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon in 1528.

Henry was attracted Henry because she was so different to his first two wives, Catherine and Anne and he married her just 11 days after the death of Anne Boleyn. Henry was 45 years old, Jane was 28.

Although Henry became concerned when Jane did not become pregnant immediately, he was delighted when she gave birth to a son, Edward, on 12th October 1538. However, the birth had not been an easy one and Jane died from puerperal fever on 24th October 1538.

Henry was very upset by her death and on his deathbed, Henry requested to be buried next to Jane.

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