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Child labor is any work where children are employed and deprived from their childhood. Child labor often harms children physically, mentally or emotionally and keeps them from school.  Any full-time employment of under aged children count as child labor. According to the International Labor Organization, over 215 million children aged 5 to 17 still work in illegal, exploitative or hazardous conditions.

Child Labor Across The World

Although laws worldwide have made child labour illegal, children across the world are still exploited, especially children from very poor families. A lot of children still work in manufacturing, domestic service, fishing and commercial agriculture. Some children are also used for drug trade or traumatic activities such as prostitution and service as soldiers.


What is NOT Considered Child Labor?

The fact that child labor is considered illegal doesn’t mean children should not do any work. Helping out at home, in the family business or working limited hours for pocket money in school holidays does not harm a child’s health and is a positive way to teach them responsibility.  There are also other exceptions, such as the work Amish children do, supervised training and the work of child artists.

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