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The Titanic - Futility


 Robertson's novel features a ship, the Titan, '..which was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men'. No expense was spared on making the ship luxurious and the steward's cabin is described as being 'equal to that of a first class hotel.'

 The latest technology was used in the building of the Titan including the addition of '..nineteen water-tight compartments.. With nine compartments flooded the ship would still float, and as no known incident of the sea could possibly fill this many, the steamship Titan was considered practically unsinkable.'

 Because Titan was considered unsinkable she only carried the minimum number of lifeboats required by law - 24 - able to carry 500 people. This was not enough for the 2000 passengers on board.

 Morgan Robertson's Titan hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank. 2987 people died in the disaster.

 Morgan Robertson republished Futility after the sinking of the Titanic with some notable changes suggesting that he was trying to cash in on the Titanic disaster.

 Nevertheless, the similarities between The Titan and Titanic are striking:



 1898 Version

 1912 Version


 Nationality British  British  British
Length 800ft 800ft 882.5ft
Metal  Steel  Steel  Steel
 Weight  45,000  70,000  66,000
 Horse Power 40,000  75,000  46,000
 Propellors  3  3  3
 Masts  2  2  2
 Watertight compartments  19  19  16
 Number of Lifeboats  24  24  20
 Passenger Capacity  3,000  3,000  3,000
 Passengers on board  3,000  3,000  2,228
 Speed at Impact  25 knots  25 knots  22.5 knots
 Time of Impact  near midnight  near midnight  11.40pm
 Point of Impact  Starboard  Starboard  Starboard
 Month  April  April  April
 Number of Survivors  13  13  705

 Uncanny, but true!

 Did the book predict the Titanic disaster?



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