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The Romans

Articles on the culture, history, and peoples of ancient Rome

Articles on the culture, history, and peoples of ancient Rome

The Legend of Rome – Cartoon

Click here to open a blank cartoon for you to make your own story of Romulus and Remus. This article is part of our larger resource on the Romans culture, society, economics, and warfare. Click here for our comprehensive article on the Romans.

Legend of Rome – Quiz Answers

How did you do? Check your answers below: 1. e. Romulus and Remus 2. c. Princes 3. a. Uncle 4. b. Basket 5. d. Uncle 6. c. Wolf 7. c. Shepherd 8. c. City 9. c. Remus 10. c. Rome NEXT This article is part of our larger resource on…

Legend of Rome – Quiz

Check that you have understood the Legend of Rome by completing the sentences below: 1. The twins were called: a. Rome and Remus b. Fred and Barney c. Tom and Jerry d. Homer and Marge e. Romulus and Remus 2. They were royal: a. Queens b. Kings c. Princes d.…

The Legend of Rome

A legend is a story about a person who did something heroic. It is not based on fact nor can it be said to be the truth. Roman children were told the following legend about how the city of Rome was built. Romulus and Remus Romulus and Remus were twin…

Legend of Rome – Online Lesson

By the end of this lesson: You will know what a legend is You will know the story of Romulus and Remus You will have completed a quiz to check you understand the story You will have produced a cartoon to tell the story in your own words Begin the…

The Romans – Bibliography

Fall of the Roman Empire Roman Baths - Bath, UK Roman Games - Nettlesworth Primary School Roman Roads - KET Roman Society - Roman Empire Net The Romans - BBC The Romans in Britain - The Romans in Britain This article is part of our larger resource on the Romans culture,…

romands trade

The Romans – Trade

The Romans trade system was vast and extensive.  Here is a Roman 4-wheeled chariot, photo by Binter at de.wikipedia The Romans traded goods throughout their Empire. By importing goods from other countries they raised their standard of living and were able to have many luxuries. The Romans used their network of roads and also…


The Romans – Roads

Narbonne: Via Domitia uncovered in front of the Archbishop's palace. The Romans are noted for their skill at building roads. At the time of the Empire there was a vast network of roads that all led to the centre of Rome. Many of these roads still exist today. The Romans…


The Romans – Public Health

Pont du Gard, Roman Empire, October 2007, by Emanuele The Romans were the first civilization to introduce a public health system. They had to do this because Rome had grown in size and it was impossible to find a natural source of fresh water in the city. It was also necessary…

roman society

Roman Society and Social Classes: How Were They Structured?

Roman society was clearly hierarchical, with legally defined privileges allotted to different classes and countless informal differences in attitudes toward the classes in everyday life. Painting from Pompeii, now in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Naples), showing a banquet or family ceremony feature multiple aspects of Roman society. In ancient society,…

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