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Historical People


A collection of articles related to historical people.


William I

Famous for being conquering England and becoming King Born - c 1027 exact date unknown, Normandy Parents - Robert of Normandy, Herlette of Falaise Siblings - Half brothers - Odo of Bayeux, Robert Married - Matilda of Flanders Children - Robert Curthose, Richard, William II, Adela, Henry I Died -…


Winston Churchill

Famous for being British Prime Minister and World War Two war leader Born - 30th November 1874, Blenheim, Oxfordshire Parents - Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill, Jennie Jerome Siblings - John Married - Clementine Hozier Children - Diana, Randolph, Sarah, Marigold, Mary Died - 24th January 1965, London Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was…


William Caxton

Famous for printing and translating books into English Born - c1422 exact date unknown Parents - Not known Siblings - Not known Married - Not known Children - Not known Died - March 1492  William Caxton was born in Kent around the year 1422. As a teenager he was apprenticed…


Queen Victoria

Famous for being Queen of United Kingdom and Ireland, longest reigning monarch 64 years Born - 24th May 1819 - Kensington Palace, London Parents - Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Princess Victoria Siblings - None Married - Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Children - Victoria, Edward VII, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise,…


Thomas Becket

Famous for being Archbishop of Canterbury murdered in his own cathedral Born - c1118 - exact date not known Parents - Gilbert Becket, Matilda Becket Siblings - not known Married - No Children - No Died - 29th December 1170 - Murdered in Canterbury Cathedral  Thomas Becket was born in…


Pierre de Coubertin

Famous for founding the International Olympic Committee and beginning the Modern Olympic Games Born - 1st January 1863 - Paris, France Parents - Charles Louis Frédy, Baron de Coubertin and Marie–Marcelle Gigault de Crisenoy Siblings - Paul, Albert and Marie Married - Mary Rothan Children - a son Jacques and…


Perkin Warbeck

Famous for being a pretender to the English throne Born - Not known Parents - Not known - Warbeck claimed parentage - Edward IV, Elizabeth Woodville Siblings - Not known Married - No Children - None Died - 23rd November 1499, Tyburn London, hanged   In 1483 Edward IV had…


Oliver Cromwell

Famous for being Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland Born - 25th April 1599 Parents - Robert Cromwell, Elizabeth Steward Siblings - Not known Married - Elizabeth Bourchier Children - Robert, Oliver, Bridget, Richard, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances Died - 3rd September 1658 , London   Oliver Cromwell was born…


Olaudah Equiano

Famous for being an African slave Born - c 1745 exact date unknown, Nigeria Parents - Not known Siblings - 5 brothers, 1 sister Married - Susanah Cullen Children - Joanna Vassa, Anna Maria Vassa Died - 31st March 1797  Olaudah Equiano was born in 1745 in the African country…


Nelson Mandela

Famous for being leader of the ANC, President of South Africa Born - 18th July 1918, Mvezo, South Africa Parents - Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa, Nosekeni Fanny Siblings - 3 Sisters, 3 half-sisters, 6 half brothers Married - 1. Evelyn Ntoko Mase            2. Winnie Madikizela   …

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