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The main purpose of the Gallipoli campaign was to end World War One quickly by creating a new war front that the Turks could not defend. The campaign took place between 25th April 1915 and 9th January 1916 and is considered to have been a great failure for the Allied Forces, who lost over 140,000 men. Although the losses on the Turkish side were higher with a total amount of 200,000 deaths, they defended so strongly for months on end that the Allies decided to retreat.

Goals of the Gallipoli Campaign

  • To get control over the Dardanelles and Bosporus straits
  • With control over this 67 kilometer stretch of water, it would be much easier to invade Constantinople and, eventually, Turkey
  • To open a supply route via the Black Sea to Russia, a British ally.
  • Eventually attacking Germany’s main other ally, Austria-Hungary
  • Shortening the war by taking down Germany’s allies

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