World War One

Articles on the causes of World War One, its battles, and its outcomes

Articles on the causes of World War One, its battles, and its outcomes

Did Kaiser Wilhelm Start World War 1?

Kaiser Wilhelm, the German emperor, and King of Prussia was a more-than-slightly recognizable figure of World War 1 and World War 2. It was a storied life that included ascending to royalty, abdication, and finally, exile. He also just may have been one of the reasons that World War 1…

Military Planning Disasters

Military Planning Disasters: Why WW1 Battle Plans Failed

Military planning disasters had a home when 1914 began, and planners in continental Europe’s four major powers had detailed plans to fight the coming war. By year’s end, none of those plans had worked. Why? The following post is by guest contributor Dan McEwen, a Canadian novelist [A Force of Nature] and…

How Did WW1 Affect the World Today

How Did WW1 Affect the World Today?

World War One was the most consequential social event in centuries. 10 million soldiers died, creating 3 million widows and 10 million orphans. Many Europeans felt disillusionment and even anger about the war. They questioned earlier notions of honor, duty, and bravery. Europe lost its economic centrality. New York replaced…

ww1 generals

The Fate of World War One’s Generals and Emperors

From 1914-1918, the leaders of World War One were generals who commanded millions of men, emperors who inherited dynasties with centuries of accumulated wealth, and Sultans who claimed a direct line of connection to the Prophet Muhammed. After the war, many of them lost all their money and power, and…

paris peace conference 1919

The Paris Peace Conference of 1919

The Paris Peace Conference opened on January 18, 1919. Its task was the writing of five separate peace treaties with the defeated separate powers: Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria, and Hungary (now separate nations). The defeated Central Powers were not allowed to participate in the negotiations. The terms would be dictated…

end of ww1

The Hundred Day’s Offensives and The End of WW1

After Germany's' failed spring offensive, realized the only way to win was to push into France before the United States fully deployed its resources. The French and British were barely hanging on in 1918. By 1918, French reserves of military-aged recruits were literally a state secret; there were so few…

battle of meggido 1918

The Battle of Meggido (WW1)

The Battle of Megiddo was the climactic battle of the Sinai and Palestine campaign of the First World War, with Germans and Ottomans on one side, and British and French forces on the other (with Arab nationalists led by T.E. Lawrence). The actions immediately after it were a disaster for…

1918 Spring Offensive

Germany’s 1918 Spring Offensive

Many thought that Germany was capable of winning World War One until the very end. Unlike World War 2, in which the Allies believed that victory was inevitable as early as 1943, this was not the case with the Great War. It is also easy to assume that German defeat…

battle of cambrai

Battle of Cambrai

The British developed the tank in response to the trench warfare of World War I. In 1914, a British army colonel named Ernest Swinton and William Hankey, secretary of the Committee for Imperial Defense, championed the idea of an armored vehicle with conveyor-belt-like tracks over its wheels that could break…

ww1 soldiers

US Involvement in WW1

Most Americans are indifferent about the nation’s involvement in World War One (under half say the U.S. had a responsibility to fight in the war; one-in-five say it didn’t). Many figure it entered the conflict too late to claim much credit, or intervention was discreditable. Some say the U.S. had…

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