J. Edgar Hoover’s 50-Year Career of Blackmail, Entrapment, and Taking Down Communist Spies

Historical People

Scroll down to find articles providing information about the most important people in history

Scroll down to find articles providing information about the most important people in history


Nelson Mandela

Famous for being leader of the ANC, President of South Africa Born - 18th July 1918, Mvezo, South Africa Parents - Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa, Nosekeni Fanny Siblings - 3 Sisters, 3 half-sisters, 6 half brothers Married - 1. Evelyn Ntoko Mase            2. Winnie Madikizela   …


Napoleon Bonaparte

Famous for being a Emperor of France  Born - 15th August 1769,  Ajaccio, Corsica Parents - Carlo Buonaparte, Letizia Ramolino Siblings - Joseph, Lucien, Elisa, Louis, Pauline, Caroline, Jerome Married - 1. Josephine de Beauharnais                2. Marie Louise of Austria Children - Marriage…


Mary Queen of Scots

Famous for being Queen of Scotland executed by Elizabeth I Born - 8th December 1542, Linlithgow, Scotland Parents - James V, Mary of Guise Siblings - James, Robert Married -  1. Francis II of France                 2. Henry Stuart Lord Darnley      …


Mary I

Famous for being Queen of England  Born - 18th February 1516 Greenwich London Parents - King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon Siblings - Half brother Edward, Half Sister Elizabeth Married - Philip II of Spain Children - None Died - 17th November 1558 St James's Palace London Aged 42 years…


Marie Antoinette

Famous for being a Queen of France executed by guillotine  Born - 2nd November 1755, Vienna Austria Parents - Francis I, Marie Therese Siblings - Maria Anna, Joseph II, Maria Christina, Maria Elisabeth, Charles Joseph, Maria Amalia, Leopold II, Maria Johanna Gabriela, Maria Josepha, Maria Carolina, Ferdinand, Maximillian Francis Married…


Louis XVI

Famous for being King of France executed as a result of the French revolution Born - 23rd August 1754 - Palace of Versailles, Paris, France Parents - Louis, Dauphin of France, Marie-Josephe of Saxony Siblings - Marie Zephyrine, Louis Xavier Josephe, Louis Stanislas Xavier (Louis XVIII), Charles Phillipe, Marie Adelaide…


Leon Trotsky

Famous for being a socialist and leading member of the Bolshevik party Born - 7th November 1879, Yanovka, Russia (Ukraine) Parents - David Leontyevich Bronstein, Anna Bronstein Siblings - Aleksandr Davidovich, Elizaveta Davidovna, Olga Davidovna Married -  1. Aleksandra Sokolovskaya,                   2. Natalia…


Katherine Parr

Famous for being the sixth wife of Henry VIII Born - c1512 - exact date not known Parents - Thomas Parr, Maud Green Siblings - Anne, William Married - 1. Edward Borough - 1529               2. John Neville - 1534        …


Kathryn Howard

Famous for being the fifth wife of Henry VIII Born - c1521 - exact date not known Parents - Edmund Howard, Joyce Culpepper Siblings - Mary, George, Henry, Charles Married -  Henry VIII 28th July 1540 Children - None Died - 13th February 1542 - Beheaded Kathryn was the fourth…


Julius Caesar

Famous for being Roman Emperor Born - 13th July 100BC Parents - Gaius Julius Caesar, Aurelia Cotta Siblings - Julia Married - 1. Cornelia   2. Pompeia   3. Calpurnia Pisonis Children - Marriage 1 - Julia    Illegitimate - Caesarion - mother Cleopatra Died - 15th March AD 44…

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