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Weaponry of all sorts was used, of course, to varying degrees of success, during the second world war.

Here you will find articles about the individual and collective weapons used by the Allied soldiers, whether on foot or exiting landing ships, and German soldiers during the Battle of Normandy.


Certainly, the M1 Garand, which General Patton said singlehandedly won the war, was invaluable. But there are also a vast array of aircraft, gliders, and more.

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The German Army During World War Two

Historians and Journalists of D-Day

Weaponry – Landing Ships and Landing Craft of D-Day

British Aircraft and Gliders of D-Day

Weaponry – Logistics of D-Day

Naval Gunfire of D-Day

Tanks Used in D-Day

Weaponry Used at the Battle of Normandy

The 5 Beaches of D-Day

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