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The 100 years war was a long series of conflicts that took place between England and France from 1337 to 1453. A lot of it revolved around property in France which belonged to the English Kings, but for which they refused to pay homage to France, causing the king of France to confiscate it. The other main fight was about the French Crown, which the Kings of England claimed they had right to as the closest relatives to king Charles IV. Each country had their own allies, which they drew into the war with them.

Not One Single War

Although the term the “Hundred Years War” may seem like one, long war, there were actually times of peace in between. Several treaties and alliances were made during the war. All of these conflicts also led to a rapid evolution of military tactics and weapons and sparked a very nationalistic sentiment in both the English of the French. Some historians claim that it pushed France to its transformation from a monarchy to a state and also led to an early adaption of a more modern government for the English.

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